SEP-CyLE is currently being funded by a collaborative NSF IUSE Engaged Student Learning - Design and Development Level II project. This project is a collaborative effort between the following institutions: Florida International University (DUE-1525112), Alabama AM University (DUE-1525120), Florida A&M University (DUE-1525555), Florida Gulf Coast University (DUE-1562773), Georgia Southern University (DUE-1525208), Miami University (DUE-1525131), North Dakota State University (DUE-1525414), and Virginia Commonwealth University (DUE-1525125). Dates: 09/01/15 – 08/31/19.
The WReSTT project is sponsored by two National Science Foundation grants: TUES 2 Collaborative Project: Integrating Testing into Advanced CS/IT Courses Supported by a Cyberlearning Environment. Grant award numbers: DUE-1225742 (FIU – Florida International University), DUE-1225654 (AAMU – Alabama A&M University), DUE-1224411 (MU-Ohio – Miami University, Ohio), and DUE-1225972 (NDSU – North Dakota State University). PI team includes: Dr. Peter Clarke (FIU), Dr. Yujian Fu (AAMU), Dr. James Kiper (Mu-Ohio), and Dr. Tariq King and Dr. Gurisimran Walia (NDSU).
CCLI Phase I Collaborative Research: Web-Based Repository of Software Testing Tools. Grant award numbers: DUE-0736833 (FIU) and DUE-0736771 (FAMU – Florida A&M University). PI team includes: Dr. Peter J. Clarke and Senior Investigator Dr. Rochelle Michel (FIU); and Principal Investigator Dr. Edward Jones (FAMU).
Workshops and other aspects of the WRESTT project are supported by the following industry partners and academic institutions: